Design Your Unique Path To Uplevel The Quality And Culture Of Your School

 Purpose  Inspired Education (PIEAcademy is for innovative preschool through -12th grade school leaders  who are committed to  reigniting passion and purpose for themselves, their staff,  and  their school. 

Let's Tell It Like It Is
School Leadership is hard. Innovative school leadership is even harder.

The obstacles facing schools are monumental.
Staffing shortages, rising costs, and increasingly challenging student behaviors make it ever more difficult to maintain the status quo in our schools, let alone innovate in meaningful ways.

Simply doing what we've always done feels far more difficult than it has ever been.
Unprecedented numbers of educators are experiencing unmanageable levels of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. Too many are  seeking opportunities to leave the profession entirely.

Shared vision and purpose feels harder than ever to achieve.
Bombarded with unrelenting demands and expectations, it too often feels like a victory just to make it through the day. Engaging in the vital heart-centered work of innovating to better meet the needs of our students and our schools can feel downright impossible.

It's painful to see some of the most caring and creative among us losing hope.

There's a better way to lead and innovate . . .
One that doesn't require you to . . . 

Doubt whether it's even possible to hire and retain teachers who can deliver the quality learning and care you're dedicated to offering

Dread spending requests from staff, knowing you can't afford the resources needed to achieve your school's ambitious goals

Become consumed by the anger staff and families direct at you, without understanding the complexities you face

Spend your days reacting to  unrelenting demands,  distracting you from what you know will actually make the greatest positive impact

The fact of the matter is, you can design and sustain a school that truly
stands out by what it stands for,
delivering extraordinary learning and care for your students,
while respecting and supporting your teachers.

And you can do it with less stress and more joy.

But, you'll need a customized plan
that's grounded in what actually matters most for your students and teachers to thrive.

Good thing I've got what you're looking for!

Introducing Purpose Inspired Education Academy!

In this self-paced course along with 12 weeks of group coaching, you'll receive the tools and support you deserve to dramatically uplevel the quality of your school.

🌈Module One: Reimagine🌈
A New Model For Leadership

 In this module you'll reimagine education, charting your unique roadmap to dramatically uplevel quality of learning and care in your school, allowing you to:

🌈Reimagine leadership, uniting a compelling vision with impactful implementation
🌈Reimagine vision, supplementing or even replacing traditional vision statements with a far more agile approach to guiding your school forward toward your ambitious goals
🌈Reimagine mission, gaining momentum in strengthening and implementing your compelling vision, while remaining responsive to the ever evolving needs of your school  
🌈Reimagine core values, dynamically embracing the values and qualities of character that will enable your school to best support student and teacher success and wellbeing

🔎Module Two: Discover🔍
Putting Purpose At The Core

In this module you'll discover the power of purpose, gaining insight into how to design and sustain a school that stands out by what it stands for, allowing you to:

🔎Discover small steps to massive results, grounding yourself in consistent daily actions that will make the greatest long term impact for your students and for your school
🔎Discover your school's one word,  gaining the clarity to engage your school community around a shared compelling purpose
🔎Discover pillars of wellbeing, supporting your students to develop the habits and qualities of character that will empower them to thrive on their own terms
🔎Discover pathways to meaning, setting the foundation for members of your school community to discover their own sense of meaning and purpose, even when navigating through challenge, crisis, and adversity
🔎Discover authentic creativity,  celebrating and cultivating the inherent creative purpose in your students
🔎Discover purpose in action, sparking momentum to uplevel the quality of your school, grounded in what actually matters most

🪴Module Three: Cultivate🪴
Purpose Inspired Relationships

In this module, you'll cultivate healthy relationships, applying your purpose inspired ideals to foster a caring community, allowing you to:

🪴Cultivate engagement, sharing your purpose inspired approach with your school community
🪴Cultivate inclusion, supporting members of your school community to view your school wide purpose through the lens of personal purpose
🪴Cultivate respect, designing an environment in which healthy interactions are non-negotiable expectations for everyone
🪴Cultivate communication, embedding purpose within the messages you share
🪴Cultivate connection, focusing on purpose in recruiting and retaining, coaching and mentoring, nurturing and supporting new and current members of your school community

🎨Module Four: Create🎨
Purpose Inspired Culture

In this module, you'll create a positive school culture, infusing purpose into all aspects of your school as you foster a culture in which purpose is lived, and not only learned, allowing you to:

🎨Create holistically, recognizing that school culture is dynamic and evolving, requiring consistent care
🎨Create experientially, understanding that purpose inspired experiences are both formal and informal, planned and spontaneous
🎨Create spatially, designing physical spaces that support the culture you're intentionally cultivating
🎨Create empathetically, embracing the social-emotional components of cultivating healthy school cultures
🎨Create programmatically, implementing an innovative curriculum along with extracurricular experiences, grounded in what actually matters most
🎨Create operationally, grounding purpose not only in what we teach, but in how we structure our school, making it possible to embed culture not only in what we learn, but in how we live and who we are becoming

🛳️Module Five: Navigate🛳️
Authenticity And Purpose

In this module, you'll prepare yourself to uplevel as you navigate through challenges, allowing you to:

🛳️Navigate with authenticity, problem solving through the lens of purpose
🛳️Navigate with speed, transforming challenge into the fuel that propels you forward
🛳️Navigate with intent, choosing challenges to tackle in pursuit of ambitious goals
🛳️Navigate with strength, utilizing the resources at your disposal to make a greater impact
🛳️Navigate with clarity, recognizing when the decisions you make in pursuit of your challenging goals are made in integrity and when they are made out of fear

🦋Module Six: Transform🦋
Your Evolving Purpose

In this module, you'll lay a foundation to transform in the face of change, sustaining your purpose inspired approach as you adapt to your ever evolving reality, allowing you to:

🦋Transform with new people, designing processes to recruit and onboard staff, students and families, embracing them within your purpose inspired approach
🦋Transform with new situations, applying purpose to new situations facing individuals in your school and to your school as a whole
🦋Transform with new understandings, continuing to reflect and explore, sustaining the improvements you have made and continuing to uplevel the quality of learning and care in your school
🦋Transform with new possibilities, making wise use of resources and opportunities that become available
🦋Transform for greater Impact, expanding on your ambitious goals to support others beyond your school

Hey there!

I'm Dr. Shira

I created Purpose Inspired Education (PIE), as the approach to learning and leading I needed as a high school teacher, principal of pre-K to 8th grade schools, university instructor, author and speaker, and most recently owner of my very own childcare center and preschool.

In more than twenty-five years leading schools, I've recognized something I sensed since the beginning of my career, but couldn't articulate clearly until recently.
Great education is grounded in a core purpose.

I've transformed my school, and have supported other educators to transform their schools, dramatically upleveling quality, focused on what actually matters most.

And now, I've designed the professional learning experience I long wanted for myself as I've set out to lead with purpose. 

Your path to a school that is fueled by purpose, vision, and community begins today!

Purpose Inspired Education (PIE) Academy

A program for the early childhood or K-12 school leader committed to designing and sustaining a school that stands out by what it stands for

Plus, I'm throwing in these powerful bonuses!  

12 weeks of  group coaching to supplement the self-paced learning experience, including training, question and answer sessions, and innovation and problem solving sessions, so that you have the support you deserve to transform your learning into action

Live Training Sessions expanding on the pre-recorded course materials, delving deeper into the content areas that will give you the greatest momentum as you uplevel the quality and culture of your school

The Purpose Inspired Education Activity Journal with actions steps to reflect and apply your learning, so that you stay organized as you take massive steps forward in upleveling the quality of your school

The Purpose Inspired Education Goal Setting Planner, so that you can intentionally chart your roadmap to success

The Purpose & Values Guidebook to inspire you with values and qualities of character to call upon when facing new challenges, so that you can expand the possibilities for teaching and learning grounded in what actually matters most

Lifetime access to the course, including course upgrades for future cohorts of Purpose Inspired Eduction (PIE) Academy, so that you can come back to the learning time and time again as you sustain your progress and continue to uplevel

Total Course Value With The Bonuses: $2,997
But the entire program is currently yours for only $597
This price will go up for future cohorts of students

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself
Here's my no questions asked two week money back guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this program.

If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 2 weeks of training and coaching,
I'll gladly offer you a full refund.

That means you can enroll today and you don't even have to decide if you're in for good!

Take the first two weeks to check out the experience and then make a decision given the information you have,  rather than the information you don't.

Sound fair?

Still wondering if this approach really works?

Terri Bercasio
Founder, Rising Stars Preschools

Working with Shira in PIE Academy has helped me uplevel my leadership skills as I open new schools and expand on the innovative programming for children and their families in my schools. I've gained clarity on my schools' purpose, and  confidence in implementing my vision. Though a grounding in vision and purpose, I've been able to more clearly define my role as a leader and the roles of each member of my leadership team, and I've been able to support and inspire my team as together we focus on our ambitious goals.

Erica Piper
Owner And Director, Sage Child Development Center

Participating in PIE Academy helped me to concisely articulate my school’s purpose and see how that purpose can be woven into all facets of my school community. Being grounded in that purpose enables me to move forward more confidently as I launch a new school. I also found the camaraderie and insights of Shira and the other participants to be informative, motivating and a great source of accountability in making progress toward implementing my vision and fulfilling my purpose.

Got Q's? I've got answers!

What are the dates for PIE Academy?
You'll gain access to PIE Academy on February 1, and group coaching will happen every Thursday at 2 PM Eastern Time from February 1 through April 18th. You'll have lifetime access to PIE Academy, including all future upgrades to the course.

What if I can't make it to some or all of the weekly calls?
All calls will be recorded, so you can watch at your convenience.

How do I know if PIE Academy is right for me?
PIE Academy is  designed for heart-centered innovative early childhood and K-12 school leaders who want to strengthen both their vision and their implementation, so that they can dramatically uplevel the quality of their schools. It's an approach combining my 25 years of experience leading innovative schools, and will support you to design and sustain a school that truly stands out by what it stands for. So, if you're a school leader committed to innovative excellence, responsive to the needs of your students and staff, PIE Academy is for you.

How much time will it take to apply the approach and gain momentum?
PIE Academy is self-paced by design, so you can move at your own speed. And, the beauty of the PIE approach is that it is customized to apply to the work you're already doing. From the very first module, you'll gain skills to implement immediately, gaining meaningful quick wins, building momentum quickly. And, with lifetime access, you'll be able to return to the course material whenever you feel a refresher would be valuable. To move through the course within the 12 weeks of group coaching, I recommend dedicating about two hours a week. That said, you can modify and do more or less. The course materials are yours forever!

Where do I access the course and bonuses?
Once you enroll, you'll receive an email giving you access to the course portal where the course modules and bonuses will be. You'll also receive an invitation to the group coaching, which will be held via Zoom.

What if I need extra support?
In the weekly group coaching sessions there will be training as well as an opportunity for questions and for hot seats - dedicated time to delve into questions you have related to your own work. If you can't make the group coaching sessions you can absolutely reach out to me via email with your questions.

What if I'm still not sure if PIE Academy is right for me?
I want you to have confidence that you're making the decision that's best for you. So, I'm offering free strategy calls. Ask any questions you may have to help you decide if you want to join PIE Academy.

What you want is within reach, friend

You just have to grab it.

I’ve taken my years of experience and created a system that you can plug into your school. The approach is fully customizable, so it works without you having to sacrifice what makes you unique.  

In fact, I’m going to help you gain greater clarity on what it is that makes you unique. But most importantly, this system takes out all the guesswork out of leading with vision and purpose.  

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have something killer to offer your students and the field of education. You wouldn’t be here if you already had a system making it possible for you to have the massive impact that is within you to contribute.  

That's exactly why this approach is vital. You have students to serve. You have important contributions to offer. Let’s make sure you can move forward with the vision and purpose already within you.  

Cool? Cool!

Still have questions?
Book a free call so that you can get the answers you deserve to decide whether Purpose Inspired Academy is right for you.