Purpose Inspired Education
Chart Your Own Path To Ignite The Best In Yourself And In Your School

 Purpose  Inspired Education Academy is for the educational leader ready to ground learning in what actually matters most 

Hey there!

I'm Dr. Shira

I created Purpose Inspired Education (PIE), as the approach to learning and leading I needed as a high school teacher, principal of pre-K to 8th grade schools, university instructor, author and speaker, and most recently owner of my very own childcare center and preschool.

In more than twenty-five years leading schools, I've recognized something I sensed since the beginning of my career, but couldn't articulate clearly until recently. Great education is grounded in a core purpose.

I've transformed my school, and have supported other educators to transform their schools, dramatically increasing impact, focused on what actually matters most.

And now, I'm creating the curriculum and coaching program to bring Purpose Inspired Education to innovative educational leaders ready to shatter the norms for what learning can be!

I'm welcoming in the founding members of

Purpose Inspired Education Academy

As a founding member of Purpose Inspired Education Academy, you'll receive 12 weeks of training, coaching, and community, intentionally designed to support you to expand and skillfully implement your vision,  grounded in what actually matters most to the short and long term success of your students. 

We'll Work Together To: 
Chart Your Four Step Path To Success
As A Purpose Inspired Educator

Step One:
Cast Your Vision

Schools have long been accused of being slow to change. And yet, the past few epoch years, adapting to pandemic and its aftermath, have brought massive, rapid transformation.

We've shown we can adapt quickly when required to. Imagine what's possible if we choose the change we want to see in our schools and in our world.

Supplement or replace traditional vision, mission, core values & strategic plans with an agile & responsive leadership approach enabling you to  excel in leading your team through ongoing improvement efforts.

Step Two:
Affirm Your Purpose

People with a sense of purpose are likely to live longer, have more fulfilling lives, manage stress better, and channel the challenges they face into learning and growth. And yet, few schools focus on purpose.

Schools can set a foundation for their students to experience greater levels of success and well-being both in the short term and in the long term, through intentional focus on purpose.

Gain clarity on what is truly most significant and direct your energy and resources to deliver high quality education grounded in what actually matters most.

Step Three:
Lead On Purpose

Leaders often struggle either with their vision or with their implementation.

When you combine vision and implementation, grounded in purpose, you become a far more inspirational and effective leader.

Overcome limitations and reignite joy by intentionally blurring the distinction between vision and implementation, remaining focused on what truly matters most. 

Step Four:
Face Adversity From The Inside Out

School leaders are bombarded with an unrelenting stream of problems and demands, leading to immense stress and distracting us from what actually matters most.

By facing challenge and adversity, grounded in purpose, we can transform problems into the sparks to up-level the quality of our schools.

Take huge strides forward as you navigate through challenges with calm, confidence.

As a founding member of Purpose Inspired Education Academy you'll get:

12 weeks of training and group coaching

Lifetime access to recordings of all the training and group coaching sessions

Access to training recordings for future cohorts of Purpose Inspired Education Academy

While future tuition for Purpose Inspired Education Academy will be $997,
the entire program is yours as a founding member for only $497

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself
Here's my no questions asked two week money back guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this program.

If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 2 weeks of training and coaching,
I'll gladly offer you a full refund.

That means you can enroll today and you don't even have to decide if you're in for good!

Take the first two weeks to check out the experience and then make a decision given the information you have,  rather than the information you don't.

Sound fair?

Still wondering if this approach really works?

“The compassionate & visionary tone Shira sets motivates me. The nuts & bolts & how-to's of designing and leading a school were all a learning process and shook my confidence frequently, but Shira helped me to see my values were intact & created a strong foundation for my pursuits."

   – Shawna Thompson

"In the time I have been working with Shira we've created a space where I can implement my dreams & overcome any mindset obstacles that may come in my way. Shira is a creative sounding board and has cultivated a creative think tank with other educators who are fostering visions to custom design new innovations & reach the world."    

- Suzanne Gabli

What you want is within reach, friend

Ask yourself . . . what is it you want most for your students, for your teachers and staff, and for yourself?  Dream big!  

College and career readiness just isn't enough. Think bigger! Think . . . a long, happy, successful, fulfilling life with less stress and more joy. Then, think about what it takes to achieve those big, bold, audacious goals.

The path is purpose.  

People with a sense of purpose tend to live longer, have more fulfilling lives, manage stress far better, and channel the challenges they face into learning and growth.  

So, what if schools grounded themselves in purpose?  

It's possible! I’ve taken my 25 years of experience leading schools and turned it into a system you can use to ground your school in purpose. The approach is fully customizable so it works without you having to sacrifice what makes you unique.  

You've got a BIG impact to make. So, let's make sure you move forward with the vision and purpose already within you.  

Cool? Cool!.

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