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Join the book club for newly released

Havens Of Hope:
Ideas For Redesigning Education 
From The COVID-19 Pandemic๐ŸŒˆ 

3 Sessions:
Aug 23, Aug 25 & Aug 28

Upcoming Session Start:

Sunday, 28 August 2022
07:00 PM EDT

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Attend one, two, or all three sessions.
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All sessions are free of charge.

Session One: Beginnings - Tuesday, Aug 23

We'll discuss part one of Havens of Hope, exploring whether the events of 2020-2022 in the world of education place us at a possible founding moment for education, on the cusp of something new. 

Session Two: Adversity And Possibility - Thursday, Aug, 25

Delving into our part two of Havens of Hope as well as our own stories of teaching and leading through the past few epic years, we'll consider ways of transforming the wisdom we've earned into new possibilities for learning. 

Session Three:
Igniting The Best Within Ourselves And Within Our Schools  Sunday, Aug 28

Reviewing part three of Havens of Hope, we'll shift to designing your own customized plan for igniting the best within yourself and within your school in the coming school year and beyond. 

Hey there, I'm Dr. Shira.

After 20 years as an elementary and middle school principal, I opened my own childcare center and preschool.  
That was in July, 2019.  

I designed a magical program at Discovery Village . . . offering children the care of a village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab.  I built up enrollment.  

And then . . . March, 2020 happened. You know what that means.

Discovery Village remained open. Just north of New York City we found ourselves in one of the first and worst hot spots, suddenly deemed an essential business, open when other schools and businesses went remote or entirely shut down.

And in the process, we not only navigated through. We got better.  

I recognized others were also finding strength and possibility through the adversity, we hadn't previously imagined. Wanting to document our experiences, I wrote Havens of Hope.  

And now, with so much wisdom earned, it's time to take what we've learned and apply it to redesign learning for our times.  

Ready to join me? Ready to redesign learning for your school?

More Information On Release Date & Ordering Your Copy

The official release date for Havens of Hope: Ideas For Redesigning Education From The COVID-19 Pandemic is Tuesday, August 23.
Pre-release copies are available prior to that date directly from the publisher Redleaf Press.
You can also pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other places were books are sold.

You may not have been able to read the book prior to the book club sessions. No worries - you'll be able to participate anyway. The discussion will be highly relevant to transforming our experiences into possibility for the coming school year and beyond. And the book is intentionally designed for you to be able to read quickly and apply directly to your own program.

Note: In some places the title of the book is listed as Havens of Hope: Reimagining The Future of Early Childhood. The book explores the experiences of early childhood, K-12, pods that developed into microschools, and alternative educational programs. The book club is designed to be of value to all educators teaching and leading in our challenging times. And, the book's title is Havens of Hope: Ideas For Redesigning Education From The COVID-19 Pandemic. We'll talk about redesigning education and reimagining the future!