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Hi, I'm Dr. Shira Leibowitz, founder and CEO or Revabilities™
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If you're an educator
with heart and with vision, you're in the right place.

We'll support you to build, grow, and lead 
your school or educational business
so that you can 
change lives 
and contribute toward changing the world,
all while designing your life on your own terms
and standing out by what you stand for

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What Learning Can Be

Our unique approach was born during the COVID-19 pandemic as many educational programs not only navigated through historic challenge, but became dramatically better.

Pandemic, protest and polarization; economic insecurity and extreme weather,
led many to commit to doing all we could to provide
a haven of hope,
an environment of learning and care nurturing students in the present
while helping them set a foundation
to be as prepared as possible for challenges yet to come in the future they will inherit.

The transformational experiences of those momentous times provide the insight and inspiration
that lie at the core of the REVABILITIES™ framework, which fuels the training and coaching within
Stand Out Leadership Village, Stand Out Leadership Academy, and Stand Out Leadership Mastermind.

We invite you to join us!

Books by Shira Leibowitz, PhD

Up-level Your Leadership with Revabilities™

Training and Coaching within
Stand Out Leadership Village
Stand Out Leadership Academy and
Stand Out Leadership Mastermind

Stand Out Leadership Village is a membership  
for visionary educational leaders and entrepreneurs
to learn, discover, serve, and create together,
 shining our collective light
 for our students, our communities,
and even the broader field of education

Coming soon:
Stand Out Leadership Academy
Stand Out Leadership Mastermind (The mastermind has limited spots, and an application process is required)

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