Purpose Inspired Education (PIE)

Create A School That Stands Out By What You Stand For,
& Dramatically Increase Recruitment, Retention, Morale & Impact!

Hey there, I'm Dr. Shira Leibowitz,
and I'm so glad you're here!

After 25 years leading schools serving students from birth through doctoral students in education, opening my own school and writing two books, I've learned quite a bit about what works in education and what doesn't.   I've taken that knowledge and created an approach to leading with purpose, designing schools of exceptional quality and impact.

I call the approach Purpose Inspired Education (PIE). I've been teaching it to leaders of early childhood and K-12 schools as well as leaders of social impact businesses and nonprofits. And, we've been making an impact!

I'm not just a coach, but am  running my own purpose inspired school - in the trenches just like my purpose inspired clients.  You can check out my school: Discovery Village.

Revabilities™ is a division of Discovery Village, LLC.

Praise For Purpose Inspired Education 

“As a member of Purpose-Driven Leadership, I’ve found a group of educators to learn from and share my experience with, as we work toward audacious goals. Shira Leibowitz is an excellent guide along this journey, as she offers encouragement and practical advice from her wealth of experience."      
 – Erica Piper