Purpose Inspired Education (PIE)
For K-12 & Early Childhood Educational Leaders

Up-level the quality of your school, fueled by vision and grounded in what you stand for, with ease and  joy.
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When you join Purpose Inspired Education Accelerator, you'll dramatically up-level the quality of our school, grounding yourself in what you stand for, and cultivating an environment where you, your students, and your teachers thrive.  

This is a unique program including weekly 1:1 coaching and mentoring, weekly group coaching, monthly community training, and even a live retreat.  You'll be guided through our very own approach to build on strengths, overcome obstacles, and transform your school, all with less stress and more joy.  

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Hey there, I'm Dr. Shira Leibowitz,
and I'm so glad you're here!

My team and I at Revabilities™ help K-12 and early childhood  educational leaders  up-level the quality of their schools,  grounding themselves in what they stand for, and delivering quality as they define it.

After close to 30 years leading and teaching in programs serving students from birth through doctoral students in education, I've learned quite a bit about what works in education and what doesn't.  And, I've taken that knowledge and created an approach to leading with purpose, designing schools of exceptional quality and impact.

Working with my team & me at Revabilities™, you won't get  generic tools, tactics, and strategies anyone could adapt. You'll design and implement your customized roadmap to a highly impactful, purposeful school. And, you'll do it on your terms, with ease and with joy.  

My team and I aren't just coaches. We're full-time, running our own purpose inspired school - in the trenches just like our purpose inspired clients. My school is in the early childhood space . . . although, I've taught and led in early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school and I still teach doctoral students in education.

Check out our purpose inspired school: Discovery Village.
Revabilities™ is a division of Discovery Village, LLC.

What Our Purpose-Powered Leaders Are Saying

“As a member of Purpose-Driven Leadership, I’ve found a group of educators to learn from and share my experience with, as we work toward audacious goals. Shira Leibowitz is an excellent guide along this journey, as she offers encouragement and practical advice from her wealth of experience."      
 – Erica Piper

"Joining like minded educational entrepreneurs has been such a benefit, and the compassionate & visionary tone Shira sets motivates me. The nuts & bolts & how-to's of running a school & building a business were all a learning process and shook my confidence frequently, but my talks with Shira helped me to see my values were intact & created a strong foundation for my pursuits."
- Shawna Thompson