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Hey there, I'm Dr. Shira Leibowitz, childcare center & preschool owner,
doctoral student advisor & faculty member, long time principal,
educational leadership coach & author.
I'm so glad you're here!

After 25 years leading and teaching in programs serving students from birth through doctoral students in education, I've learned quite a bit about what works in education and what doesn't.

And through it, I've developed an approach to support you to design and grow your purpose-driven, profitable educational school or business.  

This isn't generic tools, tactics, and strategies anyone could adapt. You'll create and implement your customized roadmap to  build and lead an innovative, impactful educational program. And . . . you'll do it on your terms, with less stress and more joy.

Sound good? Let's talk about how to get started.

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What People Are Saying

Joining like minded educational entrepreneurs has been such a benefit, and the compassionate & visionary tone Shira sets motivates me. The nuts & bolts & how-to's of running a school & building a business were all a learning process and shook my confidence frequently, but my talks with Shira helped me to see my values were intact & created a strong foundation for my pursuits.
Shawna Thompson

In the time I have been working with Shira we have created a space where I can implement my dreams and overcome any mindset obstacles that may come in my way. Shira is a creative sounding board and has created a creative think tank with other educators who are fostering visions to custom design new innovations and reach the world.
Suzanne Gabli  

As a member of this program, I’ve found a group of educators to learn from and share my experience with, as we work toward audacious goals. Shira Leibowitz is an excellent guide along this journey, as she offers encouragement and practical advice from her wealth of experience.
Erica Piper

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