Hello, I'm Dr. Shira Leibowitz
And here's some things you might find helpful to know about me.

After two decades as a principal of pre-k through eighth grade school, I wanted to escape the crushing demands and expectations of schools run by others, so I opened my own childcare center and preschool.

That was July 2019. Y'all know what happened the following March.

Located just north of New York City, I found myself an essential business, stayed open, wrote a book about how I and other educators did it, and started teaching how we did.

Now I continue to run my school, while helping other school leaders and educational entrepreneurs start, grow, and lead their own schools and educational businesses.

One more thing.
I'm legally a cyborg. I had experimental surgery to repair a brain aneurysm right between my eyes and now have a technically enhanced brain - a piece of metal keeps the aneurysm from bursting. Every day for me is truly a blessing.

And an additional two more things:
(1) I have a PhD in Education and teach doctoral students in education at Northeastern University
(2) I was actually ordained as a rabbi (one of the first women to be ordained in my denomination). Although I now consider myself a former rabbi, the training helps me connect with my students with an empathy and respect grounded in ancient wisdom.