30 Tips In 30 Days

A Journey To Be An Educator On Your Terms

30 Tips To Design Your School or Educational Business
so that you can make the impact, earn the income & live the lifestyle you seek for yourself

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In this mini-course you'll receive 30 Tips to Being An Educator On Your Own Terms.  Each day in January, 2022 you'll get a new tip. And, if you are signing in after January 1, 2022 you'll have access to all the tips included before you signed up.

You'll get ideas that will stretch your thinking on how you can design your educational career as you choose. These are tips I wish I had received at critical points in my career of more than two decades, teaching and leading programs serving students from birth all the way through to graduate school.

Course Curriculum

Shira Leibowitz

 A dynamic educator, author and business owner, Dr. Shira Leibowitz is founder and CEO of both Revabilitiesā„¢ and Discovery Village. Revabilitiesā„¢ is a Professional Learning Center helping educators start or grow and transform purpose-driven schools and educational businesses. Discovery Village is a premier project and play based childcare center and preschool located in Tarrytown, New York.

Shira holds a Ph.D in Education and is an experienced school leader who served for 20 years as a principal of nursery through eighth grade independent schools in the greater New York City area. She is a faculty member in the doctoral program of education at Northeastern University. She is co-author of The Coach Approach To School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness. Her upcoming book, to be released in July, 2022, is titled Havens of Hope: Ideas for Redesigning Education from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Havens of Hope shares the experiences of educators who not only led through pandemic, but dramatically improved the quality of their schools and innovative educational programs in the process. Shira has translated their achievements into a framework for success, supporting educational leaders to design and execute their powerful visions for learning and stand out by what they stand for, making a huge impact for their students and even for the broader field of education.

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